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Spartan Mosquito will be Poole’s primary sponsor for 17 races in his 2020 NASCAR Cup Series rookie

Charlotte, NC - Brennan Poole and Premium Motorsports are thrilled to welcome Spartan Mosquito into
the NASCAR Cup Series on the No. 15 Chevy Camaro as their partner for 17 races / 15 points races,
including the crown jewel Daytona 500 race. Both on and off track, Poole will proudly highlight
Spartan Mosquito’s unique and effective consumer products, along with their charitable efforts in
support of our Armed Forces and those who have served our country.

Join us at the NASCAR Hall of Fame on February 3rd at 1PM EST for the unveiling of the DAYTONA 500
Spartan Mosquito No. 15 race car, hosted by Daryl Motte.

At the Daytona 500, in addition to unveiling its new Spartan GO! Mosquito repellant, the Spartan
Mosquito No. 15 will also proudly display the R.E.D. ( organization
above the rocker panels and on the back bumper of the race car. “We are extremely thrilled to begin
this relationship with Premium Motorsports and Brennan Poole,” Spartan owner Jeremy Hirsch said in
a statement. “We are equally proud and humbled to have this opportunity to bring to light the
‘’ organization and to help raise awareness about the hardships faced
by our troops - those brave men and women who place themselves in harm’s way so that we may rest
peacefully at night.” said Hirsch.

“Our goal is to support our troops,” said Gloria De Paul, CEO/Founder of R.E.D.
( “We are thankful that Spartan Mosquito and Premium Motorsports stand
in solidarity and support with us for our deployed service members until they all come home to
their families.”

Brennan’s custom R.E.D. Daytona 500 gloves, which will be worn in the race, will be donated in a
contest to benefit R.E.D. (

“It still feels surreal that I will be in the Cup Series with Spartan Mosquito, because this is my
life-long dream realized. In the time I’ve spent with Spartan and their employees, it is so
apparent that they have build a truly incredible business and products , all while giving back to
those who have served our country. Spartan Mosquito’s ethos are those that I’m proud to champion,
in addition to me being one of those people who get welts from those darn mosquitos!” said Brennan

Hirsch added, “The 15 car has a long and storied history of success in NASCAR, and we are proud to
be associated with that success and to partner with this dynamic team.”

Spartan Mosquito was founded on the premise of reclaiming your yard and outdoor life by controlling
and decimating mosquito populations through its uniquely effective, long-lasting, continuous
mosquito control systems and repellants.

Stay tuned for additional announcements and events!